Building your first home requires finance arrangements that are tailored to your needs. Our goal is to find the best possible home loan for you, and you can count on us to help you through this journey, for a number of reasons:

  • Our construction finance specialists can guide you through building your first home.
  • We explain the market, rates, products and features so it is easy to comprehend and make a choice on finance that is right for you.
  • We compare over 25 lenders to find the right loan for you.
  • We’re a one stop shop. We do all of the running around for you to ensure everything goes well from start to finish. We take care of the finance application, make sure you receive all government grants that you’re entitled to, provide settlement support and arrange all insurances.
  • We charge nothing as we are paid a commission from the lender.

It can be challenging to find the right finance arrangements, especially when you’ve got the pressure of moving into your first home on your shoulders. That’s why we do everything in our power to take the hard work out of the process, so that you get the finance that suits you best without becoming overwhelmed.


Surrey Road Finance is a fully licensed mortgage broking firm founded by reknown construction finance expert Arin Di Camillo. Arin is a recognised leader in the Australian Finance Broking industry; named in the Top 100 brokers in Australia early in his career, he was promoted to Sales Manager of Construction Finance Specialists Resolve Finance, growing the business within the ABN Group of builders over the course of 6 years. He then moved on to manage award winning Property and Finance experts Momentum Wealth for three years before founding Surrey Road Finance in 2017.

As well as writing just under $100 million in his three years as a broker, over $5.5 billion in residential home loans have been settled under his management.

Surrey Road Finance is the product of years’ of experience forming to provide a truly client focussed home loan advisory service.
A member of The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, Arin is also an MFAA certified mentor, and is committed to his role in the finance industry of training and developing the mortgage brokers of the future.


Central to First Homebuilders client-focussed approach is ensuring they enlist the support of the very best operators in the industry. Their finance partner of choice is no different. The team at Surrey Road Finance are recognised leaders in the construction finance industry. Over $5.5 billion in residential home loans, mostly construction loans here in Perth, have been written under Director Arin Di Camillo’s management.

This expertise means our clients receive industry leading service and advice throughout and beyond the construction of their new home.
The Surrey Road Finance team focusses on educating clients and helping them plan as they prepare to purchase their first home, as well as providing guidance throughout the building process and ongoing support for the life of the home loan.

We help to provide a clear, transparent plan for our clients which equips them with all the knowledge and support they need to navigate through the construction finance process. We work closely with the First Homebuilders team to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Privacy Policy

Desmo Holdings Pty Limited ATF the Surrey Road Finance Trust TA Surrey Road Finance ABN 24 933 794 771. Surrey Road Finance is authorised under Australian Credit License Number 499086.

Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.